Owning a boat, yacht, charter vessel or even jet ski enables you to enjoy the great outdoors. Unfortunately, exposure to sun, salt water and sunscreen can affect the look and feel of your boating and marine equipment. If the leather or vinyl furnishings or finishes on your boat or marine equipment is looking worse for wear, The Leather Doctor is able to assist with their specialised boat and marine leather and vinyl repair and restoration services.

Have Your Boat Interior Cleaned or Repaired By Expert Leather Doctors

The Leather Doctor understands the need for yachts, boats and marine equipment of all kinds to be regularly maintained, and we take great effort to ensure our marine leather and vinyl cleaning, repair and restoration services are completed to the highest standards.

We use high quality, fit for purpose products and specialist techniques to preserve the luxury finishes and upholsteries that are unique to marine finishes.

About The Leather Doctor’s Specialty Boat Interior Cleaning Services


Although leather and marine vinyl is perceived as a tough and durable upholstery material, it requires regular cleaning and conditioning to keep it looking and feeling its best when exposed to the water and salt residue. That’s why our specialised boat upholstery cleaning professionals only use the best quality and proven safe techniques when undertaking boat and marine vinyl cleaning.


Whilst it may be tempting to clean your leather and vinyl boat seats with non-specific boat seat cleaning products such as baby wipes, washing up liquid or spray and wipe type products, the damage they do to leather and vinyl finishes is detrimental. Non-specific boat seat cleaning products will break down and eventually strip the seal or coating on the boat seat leather, leaving it dry and exposed to absorbing even more dirt, oils, sweat and salt, which then leads to drying, cracking and colour loss.

Put simply, the best way to protect your leather and vinyl boat furnishings from wearing out is to have boat seat cleaning regularly undertaken by a trained Leather Doctor professional.

Looking For Boat Interior Cleaning Services In Your Area?

Our Leather Doctors use high quality leather and vinyl boat seat cleaning and conditioning products to boat interior finishes.

We use professional boat interior cleaning products to remove the build-up of dirt, dust, body oils and salt without adversely affecting the upholstery finishes. Following the deep boat seat cleaning, we restore moisture back into the furnishings and eliminate dryness with our specially formulated boat seat conditioner that prevents drying, cracking and ageing of the leather and vinyl.

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We’re Experienced in Boat Seat Upholstery

When you need vinyl or leather boat seat recolouring and restoration services, our boat interior specialists can assist. Professional vinyl and leather boat restoration, repairs and recolouring can help restore the life of your boat’s interior, making it look and feel like new again.

Boat seat upholstery can be affected (both in appearance and comfort) if they’ve not been looked after. If the upholstery is damaged, the lifespan, comfort and even hygiene of the furniture or seating can be compromised. Alternatively, sometimes boat seating and furnishes just doesn’t ‘fit’ and a change in décor is required. It’s for these reasons that vinyl and leather boat seat restoration and recolouring has become so popular. Changing your boat interior to a different colourway can have a remarkable effect to the ambience and comfort.

Our Leather Doctors are experts in vinyl and leather boat seat restoration and recolouring, as well as panel replacements on areas of worn or damaged leather and vinyl boat seating.

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Why Are The Leather Doctor The First Choice When You Think Of Boat Seat Reupholstery?

At The Leather Doctor, we understand the diverse needs and requirements of boat owners and are able to customise our vinyl, leather and fabric boat seat upholstery approach to suit many unique needs.

At The Leather Doctor, our priorities are simple:

  • Efficiency guaranteed
  • High-quality workmanship
  • First class professionalism
  • Competitive pricing
  • Obligation free quotes

Whether your boat is used by family, clients or friends, The Leather Doctor’s boat interior cleaning and boat seat repair, restoration and recolouring services will leave your boat and marine equipment looking it’s best.


Marine Leather & Vinyl furniture and seat repair services

If your boat’s or marine equipment is running well, but the interior or finishes need an update, restoring them can save you time and money. By repairing and re-dyeing tears, holes, scuffs, and scratches we can refresh the appearance of your water craft so it feels and looks brand-new unit for a fraction of the cost, and gets you back out on the water.

While leather and vinyl are durable materials, high level use can result in wear and damage occurring.

Whether your car seats have lost their original lustre, are stained because of an accidental spill, have been damaged from a belt buckle or are fading from sun damage, our car leather restoration and refurbishment experts can assist. In addition to marine furniture and finishes cleaning services, we also specialise in marine leather restoration and refurbishment, to include:

  • Repairs to burns, cuts or grazes
  • Repairs to damaged seams
  • Refurbishment to faded or sun damaged leather or vinyl
  • Repairs to stains or dye transfer
  • Re-colouring of leather and vinyl finishes

All our leather marine seat cleaning and marine leather refurbishment services are available at competitive prices. No matter the the type of marine vessel or equipment, our technicians are well-versed with all kinds of marine vinyl cleaning, repairs and refurbishment.

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Marine Dealers/Marine Managers

If you’re a marine dealer or are responsible for a marina, The Leather Doctor are able to assist with ongoing cleaning, repairs, restoration and recolouring services.

To discuss your boat interior cleaning, repairs, restoration or recolouring requirements or receive a free quote, contact your local Leather Doctor.