Vehicle Leather Cleaning and Vehicle Leather Refurbishment Services

For many, the way their vehicle interior looks and feels is important. Not only from a comfort and aesthetic point of view, but to also ensure its long-term viability and resale value.

Maintaining the interior of your vehicle’s leather and vinyl finishes (whether it be a car, truck, van, RV, motorhome, camper or motorcycle), is important and staying on top of professional vehicle interior cleaning and vehicle leather & vinyl refurbishment is paramount to preventing issues from worsening.

No matter the type of vehicle, if it has leather or vinly finishes, we’re able to assist.
We’ve worked with a wide range of customers, to include:

  • Military Vehicles and Bases
  • Car Dealerships
  • Personal and Commercial/Fleet vehicles
  • RV/Motorhomes/Trailers
  • Buses, Limo, Uber and Taxi Companies
  • Farming/Manufacturing Equipment & Vehicles
  • Motorbikes and buggies

At The Leather Doctor, we specialise in vehicle leather cleaning services and leather car seat restoration. Our dedicated team of experts provides leather & vinyl services to all makes and models of vehicles, helping ensure their interior finishes stay looking better, for longer.


Our car leather cleaning and car leather refurbishment services are able to assist with:

  • Vehicle interior leather and vinyl cleaning and conditioning
  • Repairs to vehicle interior burns, cuts or grazes
  • Repairs to vehicle interior damaged seams
  • Refurbishment to car interior faded or sun damaged leather or vinyl
  • Repairs to vehicle interior stains or dye transfer, and
  • Re-colouring of vehicle interior leather and vinyl finishes

Car Leather Cleaning Service

The climate and humidity are key contributors to the rapid build-up of dirt, dust, sweat and body oils on leather and vinyl automotive finishes. It’s these sweat and body oils that are the most damaging and the greatest catalyst for damage to vinyl and leather vehicle interiors if not professionally cleaned and conditioned regularly. Body oils, sweat and dirt are filled with bacteria which effectively work to break down leather and vinyl protective coatings.

The build-up of body oils and sweat typically (initially) presents itself as damage to arm rests, centre consoles and the base of seats from the oils, sweat and dirt that leave our arms and legs.

The best way to protect your leather and vinyl vehicle interiors from this occurring is to have it regularly professionally cleaned and not give any spills, sweat, dirt or body oils a chance to absorb and do any damage.

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Benefits of using regular car interior cleaning services by The Leather Doctor include:

  • Leather car interior cleaning helps prevent dirt, dust and body oils from building up on the leather
  • Leather car interior conditioning works to add moisture back into the leather, protecting it from drying out and cracking
  • Leather car interior cleaning prolongs the colour of the leather and protects the leather from fading and cracking
  • Our leather car interior cleaning experts use specially formulated leather cleaning products and understand how to properly clean and condition all types of leather, without damage.

Regular car interior cleaning and protection from a Leather Doctor professional is critical for the longevity of your leather and vinyl car interior. We clean your car interior while also renewing the finish and giving you advice and products to keep your leather car interior looking great. Our Leather Doctors use high quality, eco-friendly leather car cleaning and conditioning products to clean your leather or vinyl car interior.

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Car Leather Seat Repair Services

While leather and vinyl are durable materials, high level use can result in wear and damage occurring.

Whether your vehicle seats have lost their original lustre, are stained because of an accidental spill, have been damaged from a belt buckle or are fading from sun damage, our car leather restoration and refurbishment experts can assist. In addition to car interior cleaning services, we also specialise in car leather restoration and refurbishment, to include:

  • Repairs to burns, cuts or grazes
  • Repairs to damaged seams
  • Refurbishment to faded or sun damaged leather or vinyl
  • Repairs to stains or dye transfer
  • Re-colouring of leather and vinyl finishes

All our leather car seat cleaning and car leather refurbishment services are available Australia wide at competitive prices. No matter the make or model of the car, our technicians are well-versed with all kinds of car leather and vinyl cleaning, repairs and refurbishment.

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Automotive Dealerships

The Leather Doctor work in partnership with Automotive Dealerships to undertake cleaning, stain removal, repairs and restoration requirements. As a mobile service, we come to you, ensuring minimal disruption and down time for your vehicles.

We have over 30 years of experience in car leather refurbishment and car interior cleaning services. Contact your local Leather Doctor Today for a free quote!